What can a Hy-Vee pharmacy do for you?

From filling prescriptions and offering over-the-counter medicine recommendations to administering immunizations and leading smoking cessation programs, Hy-Vee pharmacists take a holistic approach to customers’ health and wellness. The company has more than 250 pharmacies, including several specialty pharmacies that serve patients across the country who have chronic health conditions. To reach people where they live and work, Hy-Vee operates nine Healthy You Mobiles, which travel throughout its eight-state region to provide services at community programs and gatherings. Coupled with a variety of services offered by its in-store dietitians and retail health clinics, Hy-Vee is a one-stop health and wellness shop.

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This June, earn a $1.00 Fuel Saver for each transferred prescription to your Hy-Vee pharmacy.

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